I wanted to show off my first test piece using the laser engraver.

I wanted to show off my first test piece using the laser engraver.
i purchased that laser engraver to do inlays in wood projects. In the example the word Nova was inlayed into the pen using the laser, Its about 5 X 23 mm in size.

I am using laserweb3 to get more control then i had on the Elekscam software.

Now that it was a success i will try more finer cursive writing and see how far i can push the tool.

@thomas_dillon you engraved a space in the block that was the negative of the word. Then you cut a positive and inserted that into the block. How deep was the engrave?

Very nice…

@donkjr Well I engraved a 2-3mm negative space, and inlayed a crushed up stone with glue. once it dried i sanded it down smooth.

Awesome technique and look. Came out very nice! Do you do the inlay before the turning or after? From the pic it looks like you inlay the blank.

@thomas_dillon ah got it… nice technique

@Michael_Audette The blanks were test to check the burn settings. A few blanks i placed a inlay to see the color contrast. I have to find different settings for different type of wood.

I turn the pen into the proper shape, then laser engrave, then sand and finish the whole pen back on the lathe.

@thomas_dillon do you engrave with the pen static or do you have a rotary?


Very smooth! I used to turn pens also, but didn’t have a laser then. You do great work.