I want to use ChiliPeppr/tinyg for making PCBs, I am using kiCAD and a Mac.

I want to use ChiliPeppr/tinyg for making PCBs, I am using kiCAD and a Mac. I’ve been trying to install all the components to use pcb2gcode, but I ran into some compilation problems… was ready to call it a day then I came across this tool:


It’s a web app that converts gerber and drill files into gcode. Also creates separate files with tools for each phase of the process. Looks amazing. Someone should contact the developer and create a plugin or combine it with ChiliPeppr.

I am going to try it tonight and see how it goes.

This looks cool. I would say that ChiliPeppr’s current Eagle BRD Import is pretty amazing and I would say nicer than this tool if you’re using Eagle. The cool part of rapid-pcb is that it supports Gerber’s, but we went with just Eagle to have all the meta-data about components too for letting Eagle BRD Import take you all the way through a pick and place process as well.

Key difference too is Eagle BRD Import lets you inflate paths. I’ve never really seen any other BRD import support inflated paths for milling.

We’ve talked about doing Gerber input directly a few times. The good news is that Mayhew Labs has a cool threejs Gerber loader and viewer. I suppose we could even calculate the centerline of a trace from that as a baseline to inflate from. But as John said, we lose all the amazing metadata that native eagle gives us, and there’s only so much time in the day. Plus, in order to continue Gerber support for the solder paste and pick n place operations, you need to generate centroid files, maybe a BOM, and we have to parse all that. While with eagle is all already there and that work is done.