I want to report a bug.

I want to report a bug. In the grbl panel, after auto level probing I can not see the auto leveled gcode but in tiny g I can.

Do you have any screenshots? Not sure what you mean.

In first picture we could see grbl interface, done auto leveling and trying to see corrected gcode, and nothing happens. I tried with different codes and computers. Second picture shows same thing with tiny g interface. In tiny g everything works fine.

If you send the auto leveled code to the workspace do you see it with the comments?

No. Actually, I want to see gcobe because of anuther problem. After auto leveling, from my g code, which is made in Fusion 360(I am working with engraving, not PCB), is excluded G90 command before series of corrected G0 commands. Because of that, code is wrong. So I want after leveling to copy new-generated gcode and edit it, to put in missing commands.

These lines are usually removed, so I have to add it after leveling.

Well, here’s one idea, there is a “Download/Save Gcode” menu item in the upper left corner file dropdown menu. You could “send your gcode to workspace” then download it, then edit, then drag it back in.

Thank you! :slight_smile: I didn’t realise that download code is possible.