I want to make a custom single color LED matrix.

(Bruno Bronosky) #1

I want to make a custom single color LED matrix. I’d like to use a through hole addressable LED driver and add my own LEDs. Any ideas?

(Mark Estes) #2

Seems like fastLED would be overkill for that.

(Bruno Bronosky) #3

Maybe so. I thought about getting the bare ws2811 chips and attaching 3 red LEDs to them instead of 1 RGB LED. I just don’t know market and thought I’d reach out to a community that does.

(John Oatham) #4

There are quite a few factors to consider if you are going to build your own driver; How many LEDs do you want in the array, what’s the arrangement (square or rectangular), do you want to control the brighness of the LEDs or just switch them on and off? I’ve used the TLC5940 chip to drive LEDs in the days before FastLED, but it was for a single line of LEDS. It can control 16 LEDs with PWM brightness levels, and you can daisy chain them, or combine the outputs with a 4017 decade counter to multiplex columns of LEDs, but to be honest I think you would be better off looking at the ready made matrices from the likes of Adafruit if you want to make it easier for yourself.

(Marc Miller) #5

What about using one of the “dumb” non-addressable RGB strips, and cutting that up into sections to make a matrix? Could use 12V that way too if you wanted. And you can still control it with FastLED if you want.