I want to buy my first 3D printer,

I want to buy my first 3D printer, I own a sign company and its important for me to learn, apply and add this exciting new technology to my biz. Any suggestions? Pointers? …

What do you want to print? Like what size and type of parts do you want to print?

Looking into selling 3D printers to Aerospace and Medical companies

Hmmm you probably want to get familiar with the technology yourself. As a normal fff prinyer id say definitely try a printrbot simple metal. They are inexpensive and are very good quality. (Printrbot.com)

If you want a very high resolution printer you might want to look at the resin based form-1. It isn’t the cheapest to print with but produces extremely high quality results.

Are you asking which type to sell or which type you should try for yourself to get familiar with the technology?

Both, because I want to sell them, but most likely want to knowledgeable in operating/using a printer. Plus people like to know I have one and schedule time to use one, etc

I guess that depends on what you intend to print. The fff printers such as the printrbot and ultimaker and makerbot, etc. all produce ok products but you can definitely see the layers in them and there will be some imperfections.

Printers like the formlabs form 1 are super high resolution and detail but do not always produce as strong end products as the fff printers.

What exactly do you want to print?

Widgets, small parts for biomedical and aerospace companies. I know this may still be vague. I am going to visit an aerospace client tomorrow and learn more about their needs in 3D printing and products the need.

I hate to say it, but given the demands of aerospace & medical users, if it’s a fused filament machine you want, you probably want to go with the Stratasys line. At least, they offer more exotic materials for their machines that the smaller, inexpensive companies and hobbyists generally don’t get exposure to. Fortus 400 & 900 offers support for PPSF and ULTEM, as well as several others. If you want to do SLS in plastic or metal, there really aren’t any credible inexpensive designs for sale. There’s other types of machines too.

Just on what you have suggested, I can at least do some research and learn more in order to narrow my decision making. Thank you 3D printing community. Much appreciated