I want to build a Eustathios Spider V2, but have no printer right now.

I want to build a Eustathios Spider V2, but have no printer right now. I’d been looking at a FolgerTech i3 2020 as a “repstrap”.

Now I’m looking at the Fabrikator Mini, which, at $177 is dirt cheap.

So here’s my question. I can’t tell looking at github how big these individual parts are. How can I find out if the parts for the Spider v2 can all fit within the Fabrikator Mini’s 80x80x80mm build envelope?

Hey Chris,

the best way is always to find out yourself though I think that won’t fit with the bigger parts.

I would advise to download Meshlab (free) to load, view and check the STLs. Meshlab has a ruler function that you can use to measure the parts.

Good luck!

Or fire up Silc3r and setup an 80x80x80mm bed :slight_smile: I think the largest part is the “Eustathios Z Axis Bed Support - 2 - v1.0.stl” If I were you I’d go with the FolgerTech. There’s a big community around it, and it’s going to be a much more useful second printer that the Fabrikator.

Open each file in Cura selecting the part and selecting scale gives you dimensions.

alot of folgertech things are acrylic…even the “black” ones. or atleast what i have seen

You would be correct lol

A Wanhao i3 duplicator v2 is a nice bootstrap
It’s my backup printer

For the record, the very first STL I opened, 50mm_Threaded_Spool_Holder_Full_Round.STL, was 96mm tall.

The Fabrikator was a whim, really, I’m not sure I’d have ever pulled the trigger.

I’m currently stuck between the Wanhao i3 – which has a controller you have to solder wires onto because the thermistors inputs aren’t actually tied to ground and so they float 10-15 degrees – and the Folgertech 2020 i3, which is from a company that even now still can’t ship a package with all the parts. From what I gather you are guaranteed to have to call and complain and wait for them to ship.

The shipped all the parts to my Kossel. The heater block was tapped off center and they sent me a new one in a day. Once you have a kit in hand they are very responsive. You aren’t paying a lot so there is a trade off.