I want to build a 3d printer from scratch.

I want to build a 3d printer from scratch. Anybody here has already done that? Can you recommend me some resources, ideas, suggestions, … ?

@Kshitiz_Khanal Look into the RepRap:

This might alwo be a good start:

http://reprap.org is a more useful link if you want to build from scratch. RepRapPro is Adrian et al selling kits.

@Nick_Parker Thank You for the correction. You are right http://reprap.org is a better starting place.

thanks Ryan and Nick! will look RepRap up. Found something that might be useful…

Haha, that class always makes for entertaining results.

A friend of mine took it last year and trust me, their idea of “from scratch” is not our idea of from scratch. Those guys made their own pcbs because that’s really easy when you have shop access at MIT.

Oh I just noticed you’re in Nepal. I would try reprapdiscount. They’re relatively close to Nepal (South China) and make nice printer parts. You can save yourself a LOT of pain and suffering by just buying a RUMBA board from them instead of trying to hack up your own electronics.

For the mechanics you can buy a kit or if you’re really trying to save money there are designs that only use very basic tools. i3 box frame can be built with a hand drill, a hand saw, and the metal bits.

Bukobot kits from Deezmaker.com have everything ya need aside a few minor tools you can get at any hardware store. Nothing crazy.

great I had that same question in mind, also wondering if anyone’s set up a reprap store in aus

If you are handy, there are plenty of resources – start with http://reprap.org, I would say. However, if you are like most folks, you ought to consider a kit. They can be pretty inexpensive now (US$300-400) if you don’t mind a small build volume. The key is once you see one and build it, I think it would be easier to build another one. You might also enjoy the hardware section of my book at http://www.amazon.com/Understanding-3D-Printing-Hardware-ebook/dp/B00DSCR92E – I keep thinking I want to try something REALLY different like a rotary Z axis or something, but really most FDM machines are pretty similar with maybe the Delta (Rostock) machines being a little unique.

Good luck!

Even the UV resin curing printers are the same concept, just instead of extruding you are turning on a light.
you need a stable X Y and Z axis and work up from there. Most printers are the same at their base, just look at a bunch of them.

@Steve_Sharp True. The big variation seems to be belts vs leadscrews. I have not seen any DIY-style printers using ballscrews, although they could, I suppose.

If you want to build then take one of the kits which have a public BOM. I picked the Ultimaker. If you want to design you better have mechanical engineering knowledge. http://reprap.org/wiki/RepRap_Options also check the book titled “Printing in Plastic” - it seems to be the only one on the subject and thus the reference

The Bukobot uses a syncromesh cable instead of belts or leadscrews. It seems to be really reliable and simple. I use it myself.