I want one of this so bad!

I want one of this so bad!

then do it! you can build one your self in a couple of days. you can get a paste extruder and print with any anything. any reprap can print plastics, metal (with colorFabb plastic), and you can print with cells at home, you can print plastic, and resin.

I love how the announcer rushes to point out the dangers.

3d printing gun parts is stupid - in the US (which is where the gun fanatics are pushing this story) the parts are cheaply and easily available to anyone who wants them, since they’ve made sure that guns can be bought anonymously over the internet with no reporting of the sales. Compared to that, who cares if you can slowly and expensively print low quality gun parts?

Why not talk about applications of 3d printing that are actually useful, such as 3d printing prosthetics? http://www.enablingthefuture.org has delivered over a thousand hands to recipients, for free, and anyone who wants one can have one, and that’s something that traditional manufacturing can’t do!

@Laird_Popkin , the Bioprinting aspects have always been more interesting to me.