I want an automated tool changer for my CNC

Some jobs are more efficient with different bits for different parts of the overall job. However, I’m tired of changing bits manually. I want a more “fire and forget” kind of CNC job, so I can load a sheet of wood onto it, push a button, and come back later to a CNC job that has done 90% of the work for me. It may take more time on PC and trial and error to get the job just right, but then having set up so I can do it over and over easily is worth it to me.

So, I’m wondering: does anyone here have experience with retrofitting an automated tool changer onto their own CNC router?

It doesn’t need to be open source. I’m fine with buying an off-the-shelf solution, I just need to be able to retrofit it to an existing open source CNC router.

Any suggestions?

PS - Bonus points if you have already done this with an OpenBuilds CNC router.

EDIT/PPS: I currently use a BlackBox Motion Control System X32 as my controller, but I could also use a TinyG v8 or something else, if necessary,

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