I want a new extruder.

I want a new extruder. The Prusa Nozzle looks interesting, but not sure if it’s available. I’m set up for the j-head, but have really begun to dislike peek insulators. Anyone have any other recommendations?

I use a makegear hotend with a quick-release brutstruder. I have found it to be very durable. I usually do 10 pounds or more of filament before it needs to be cleaned.

Are you talking about an extruder or a hotend ? The prusa is a hotend. Which extruder do you have right now ?

well if I switch my hotend, I’ll likely need to re-do my extruder, as it is setup for the j-head. I’m using nophead’s modified wade extruder with the latest j-head.

I could use these two - I’d like to try the all metal approach:


Switching nozzle diameters would be easy thanks to the hotend, which I think is a great feature

@Anthony_White I think nophead uses whole pre-wired extruder assemblies for rapid testing and switching. With $50 to $100 hotends, why not attach them to a compatible extruder and stepper?

I’d go with the Arcol.hu v4.1 (or maybe 4.2 is the latest now, I’m not sure). It’s all metal, and the budaschnozzle you linked to is actually a copy of the Arcol.hu v3.


I don’t mind rebuilding by entire extruder, but I’d like to stick with the same stepper and bearings - just swap out the platform and gear/drive mechanism as necessary for whatever nozzle, etc.

I had looked at the Arcol, but getting from an overseas vendor / unassembled for the same price as the assembled budaschnozzle seems a waste.

Don’t worry too much about the assembly on the Arcol hot end, it’s nice and easy. I would also prefer if it came from somewhere closer, but hey, I like what Arcol is doing and I’m willing to put up with a shipping delay if it means supporting a hardware dev who I want to see continuing to innovate.

From what I’ve read of lulzbot, they are at least an opensource mindset vendor as well. And if their hotend is based off of the Arcol - I’m not sure what advantage there is- maybe I’m missing something. The Arcol also looks a bit bigger - although I wasn’t concerned on assembly, it is an extra step.

Can you say what advantage the Arcol has over a Jhead ?

The Budaschnozzle is based off of a previous iteration of Arcol’s hot end (the v3.0 - http://reprap.org/wiki/Arcol.hu_Hot-End_Version_3.0). The v4.x of the Arcol hot end is significantly redesigned and is all metal, no wood, no nothing (http://wiki.arcol.hu/manual:hotend-v42-assembly).

that manual/ pictures convinced me of it. I’m going to go for the Arcol - unless…
has anyone heard anything about the Prusa all stainless hotend? It’s what I’d really like, but details are less than scarce…

@Shachar_Weis I’ve never owned/used a Jhead, so I can’t give you a side by side comparison of their use, but Jheads are a metal core with PEEK insulator type of hot end, which means that there is a temperature limit to its use (the parts that come in contact with the PEEK must stay below about 143C - PEEK’s glassification temperature - the point at which PEEK begins to soften).

The Arcol v4.x is all metal, so the only temperature limits are going to be based on what you can get out of the heater and what you can reliably measure with the thermistor. It’s the same, in concept, as the Prusa Nozzle mentioned in the original post in that respect.

The only thing about the Arcol hot end is that the nozzle doesn’t have as much thermal swell as a brass nozzle would, so (in terms of actual usage) a .35mm Arcol nozzle is more equivalent to a .2mm brass nozzle and a .5mm Arcol nozzle is more equivalent to a .35mm brass nozzle. That means you may run into more of the jam/backup/clog problems that have kept .2mm nozzles from becoming very common if you go with the Arcol .35mm nozzle, but you’ll also get better precision and detail from an Arcol nozzle than an identically sized nozzle from most other places.

Arcol himself tends to recommend people go with the .5mm nozzle for that reason. I went with a .35 and haven’t had significant problems, but your experience may vary on that one.

good tip

Don’t hesitate - this is the kind of thing this community is all about! It can be hard to get a wide picture of whats out there, especially when stuff is just about to reach market like your own hotend. This looks very interesting - and would make my life much easier in terms of swapping. Care to share any photos of your test-rigs / this nozzle printing?

Also @Sanjay_Mortimer I don’t see the nozzle diameter, but I assume its .5mm? And if you run them on Mendel90s, are you powering the cooling fan on the nozzle via a separate always on power supply or controlling it as a cooling fan from the gcode?

@Sanjay_Mortimer , why is your website entirely made of flash ? It’s slow and doesn’t work properly when zoomed (I have a really big monitor). Looks like a nice product.

ordered. Hope I get it this month!