I´ve started working on the documentation now and as a part of that i´ve

I´ve started working on the documentation now and as a part of that i´ve started working on a “Spec Sheet”, please take a look at it and comment if you´d like.

Question, what does “length” comprise? Is it the overall length including the tires or is it the length of the chassie without tires?
Also, is there anything else that should be added/removed?

I think as this project grows maybe people can share spec sheets to show what mods/hardware/electronics works.

i would say just the chassis as i have much smaller tyres on mine. (with some custom hubs so i can use the cheapest set from ebay that i could find lol)

also will you be adding a BOM for all the bearings etc, i have found some very cheap parts that go to the HSP chinese RC cars that mostly fit (the only part i cant find is the shorter of the 2 main drive shafts, these are some cheap CVD that also fit http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/181037854345?var=480204630966&ssPageName=STRK:MEWNX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1439.l2649 (they are about 2mm to long but a quick file of the diff slots and they fit but you also need to drill holes for the axle pins as these are D shafts but for $5.50USD a set they are good value) i think i could get a set of axles & drive shafts for less than $20USD using HSP parts,

Cain sounds good, I’ll have to look this up and see if I can get a few.

Cool thing Daniel :wink:
My printer is finally printing again and I have moved to print almost exclusively with nylon (618, 645 and T-Glass). So I went back to my version of the RC and saw that there is a lot of new file on Thingiverse but the old one are still there. is it possible to make some cleaning because I dont know which file to use anymore. Found 3 or 4 different file for the differential for example… Remember it is my very first RC cars and most of the time I dont know anything about the things I’m printing :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance and keep on moving with this great project :wink:

Pascal nice yo see you got your hot end. After reading your dilemma with waiting on it and about the same time I melted mine done because the nozzle plugged I now have a hot end with an extra nozzle and a whole nother complete nozzle do I only take little downtime when something goes bad. I just started printing with nylon, really stringy but I think I got it low enough to where its managable.

@Pascal_POECK I’m working on it. I have a solution coming, meanwhile hold on…

Thanks Daniel and don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate all your effort but sometimes I’m such an idiot… :smiley:

@Pascal_POECK Don’t worry, I don’t. ;-).
It’s awesome that everyone is putting their time and money to build one of their own!

Cain which model number did you get for the cvd shafts. I was going to get some but not sure about the model number. I might have a question abut where to drill also, but well see when I get them to see if I can’t figure it out

https://plus.google.com/101954573726978834404/posts/TnMJLv5gAp6 this should answer your questions. (part no 188015) they are alittle to long but i just made the holes and slots in the axle shafts on the diffs alittle deeper. when they arrive insert the tyre stud into the bearings in the car and mark to drill, you need to make sure they are central and straight (i used a drill press and drill vice) through the shaft or the hex nut wont go over the pin though the axle