I´ve had some comments from people who are confused by the name of this

(Daniel Norée) #1

I´ve had some comments from people who are confused by the name of this project and couldn’t understand how 3D printing is related to Gentoo Linux - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OpenRC which has been around since long before we started 3D printing OpenRC cars.

So i´m asking everyone if we should change the name of this project. And if so, what should it be?
The name should reflect that it´s open, free and for everyone. It doesn´t hurt if it´s short either… :wink:

“FreeRC”… “FreedomRC”…? Thinking out loud here. What do you all think?

(Lars Klaeboe) #2

Nowadays everything new seem to be named Libre something something.

(Romain Dolbeau) #3

Is the naming collision really so bad? The fields are quite different. Pretty much every short name/acronym out there is already taken one way or another. Beside, “RC” was in use for Radio Controlled long before that “other” OpenRC :slight_smile:

Why not simply add a ‘/’ to visually distinguish between the two? “OpenR/C” would make it distinguishable from the software without losing the current mindshare, and more obvious what it’s all about.

Just my 0.02€.

(André Roy) #4

I like OpenRC. It’s totally unrelated to the Gentoo project of the same name. You’ve built some name recognition which you’d need to rebuild with a name change.

If you need a name change for legal or ethical reasons, this is me brainstorming: RCCommons, FLOS RC, FOS RC, OSRC, RCLibre, ContribRC.

If you can keep it, OpenRC is the most descriptive name.

(Daniel Norée) #5

Thanks for the input!
I´m very happy with the current name as it´s simple enough yet decriptive of the project. A name change would mean some work and also maybe even more confusion aswell…

(Richard Taylor) #6

I use Gentoo and I have a 3d printer and follow this group. I can safely say I’ve never confused the two :slight_smile:

(Matthew Satterlee) #7

I like OpenRC, but if the name is taken (regardless of legal issues) then it should probably be changed to something like FreedomRC or OpenHobbyRC. It’s really the nice way to go about this in the “open” community.

(Chapman Baetzel) #8

3d Printed RC, or just Printed RC.
I’d also mention that ‘truggy’ sounds entirely too silly. deriving it from truck is really nonsensical. You don’t haul things with it, which is the defining characteristic of a truck. Its a buggy.

(Liam Jackson) #9

I think it should contain 3D printed or perhaps ‘MakerRC’ to support the maker movement that seems to surround this open RC project.

@Chapman_Baetzel Truggy is a common class of car in the RC world, a mix of a truck and a buggy. A Buggy looks and drives a bit different to a Truggy. FYI small scale RC Trucks are very rarely used for haulage.

(Jeremy Marvin) #10

I say keep the name, maybe add a disambiguation to Wikipedia?

(Mike Creuzer) #11

OpenRC Vehicles ?

I like OpenR/C too as we often see Remote Control as R/C

(djC653) #12

Keep it and maybe some of the “other” RC’ers might like what they see and join.

(David Baron) #13

Well, name changes settle faster than you think. Don’t think it would be a problem really. But I think OpenRC is really good and really descriptive. Nei to name change from me.

(Emile Wim) #14

Just make the OpenRC project much bigger than the Linux version. :slight_smile:

(Daniel Norée) #15

Thanks for the input, “OpenR/C” it is…