I’ve been following progress on this delta mechanism for the past few years -

(Jason McMullan) #1

I’ve been following progress on this delta mechanism for the past few years - the use of a “living hinge” sandwiched between aluminum layers (Hylite) is novel in our space.

According to the campaign, it has some interesting features - especially the concept of using a water cooled hotend for a ultralight weight effector (lower mass = less ringing for the same degree of stiffness).

It’s a mechanical only kit, which is actually a plus for me (I have a lot of spare hardware lying around).

Supposedly it’s going to be open sourced once the Kickstarter is funded, but lots of neat concepts are visible just from the video presentations.

(Nathaniel Stenzel) #2

water: 997 kg/m³
aluminum: 2,700 kg/m3
That is lighter, but you still need to consider the weight of the tubing and water in the tube. I guess a “flying extruder” setup would remedy that. I wonder if anyone has ever put a scale under their hotend and loosened the grip on the rails so that the effector is free to fall without resistance.

(Ryan Carlyle) #3

There’s a lot of new and clever stuff in this design. I’ve been following it for a few years and backed it.

A lot of people have questioned the longevity of the living hinges, but they’re actually a really good fit for delta arms. They will certainly last a lot longer than many people’s mag-ball joints and so forth.

(Jason McMullan) #4

I’m also a backer - would love to see this funded.

(Nancy rose) #5

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