I use Bobcam to create my CAM and CAD gcode.

I use Bobcam to create my CAM and CAD gcode. then turn to UGS to run the gcode on an Xcarve using my USB. Can some one tell me if chilipeppr only works on desktops or will it run on laptops too like UGS. Can not figure out how you get a serial port on a laptop? The experts look at me like I am crazy. If it only works on desktop is there a laptop version coming for USB ports? Thanks in advance

i run it on my little laptop, usb to serial adapter if you don’t have a serial port.

Well it’s called Serial Port Json Server because the protocol is serial, but over USB. All the boards chilipeppr supports are commanded over a USB port. I’ve got an old laptop driving my cnc, a lot of devices including Raspberry Pi can be used as that connection, and even commanded over another computer on your network.

Thank you for your rely.Now I can get down to business and try to figure this out. I did install Jason but I keep getting a message about using the grbl buffer algorithm in this work space. And it talks about not running webcam server yet which I know nothing about. I will have to look through the comments and try to figure that one out. I just picked up three books about Windows 10 and it should be in there. Thank you so much.!!

Ignore everything about webcam.
When you connect the controller to the computer you will need to select it in the Serial Port widget in the lower right. Next to the device name (ie: Arduino Uno) there will be a dropdown and you need to select ‘grbl’ in it. Easy peasy.

OK. Thanks again. I will have to try that tonight.

You still use USB connection. I use an idea stick computer $89 works great just plug into inexpensive tv and get great driver for xcarve

definitely don’t need a USB port… anything that will run google chrome with halfway decent performance should work. Here’s the computer I’m using to control my machine in my garage. Works great: http://www.gearbest.com/tv-box-mini-pc/pp_235081.html

@raykholo You say Easy peasy, I say why keep living when everything is so darn hard every day. I looked all over the screen.Left side of screen has grbl work space, g-code serial port consol. Right side has Axes, then Grbl, then webcam, then Serial port. Under ports list there are no listings. Just talks about json Tells me I am not connected to Json. Every pull down menu on the entire page has these choices.

Com-chili widget
webrtc client
Pubsub for theis widget
view widget standalone
fork widget.
I just can not find anything that says arduino and no other pull down menu. I have checked every pull down menu. Must not be connecting but works fine in UGS. I like the looks of Chili Peppr better. Any ideas what to try next. I did shut down computer and try it all over several times.

@Peter_Hanse What good does this do me. I have a nice laptop and do not see how this will improve anything. I also have an old desktop I am thinking about using but again how will this help me out. I am to stupid to figure it out. I have a chrome cast already how is this different?

Peter was just mentioning that as an example computer you can use… you don’t need one. Folks here are simply trying to point out that almost any computer with a USB port will work. The laptop or the desktop should work. Again, if it can run google chrome or firefox, and it has a USB port… it should work.

OK. Thanks. It is so darn confusing to me and I am so tired of trying to make this darn X-carve easier to use. Nothing goes easy for me and I am tired of just wasting time. Thank you again.

you need to have the serial port JSON server running. Once you do that, when you refresh the page, if you don’t see the serial port devices listed in that widget, scroll down and tell it to scan for them. Then you connect (make sure you select GRBL on the right pulldown as Ray said) and you should be connected. If you need a bit of a walkthrough, John made a video showing this process for a TinyG (very similar) here. Perhaps watching this will help you get started. https://youtu.be/mKLdgpz8gpQ?t=1m7s

I keep getting a line that says something about Ajax too. Goes so fast can not read it all.That is just after it tells me that it is connecting with json. Heck if I know. Maybe I will just go back to UGS and forget this .

I watched the video and tried all the things. NOTHING is working so for now Screw it. I am done with about all of this crap. It works for those who know what the heck they are doing but for me nothing is working. Thank you for your time and trouble. I will deal with this again in a few weeks or months when I feel like something will work. Thanks again !!!

yeah, it’s crap. you should demand a refund. or at least half of your money back.

Very Funny. Yes I do mean that. I am lmao. No I did not mean that the program was crap I just meant the whole thing of nothing working for me was crap. I got an old laptop out and tried it and got closer then I got this one back out and low and behold it is now working. Thank you Thank you Thank you for your insights and keeping me laughing when I needed it. I suffer from sever back pain and run out of patients fast. I feel like I have just been shot all the time even with Tons of medications. I am sorry for making you think I am an ass which I am at times. I guess that is my right at times. I just want things to go smoothly once in a while which they never do. I lay on the couch most of the day watching TV because I can hardly get up just to pee. Crawling to the bathroom is no fun. Once again thanks for hanging in there with me. Love and peace to all.

no worries man… sorry to hear about your back.

i’m confident that the folks in here can get you going pretty quickly. The fastest way? Take a video of what you are doing and what you are seeing and upload it to youtube, then post the link here. Lots of folks will be able to tell you what to click.

Hello, having similar difficulties as Gary connecting my X Carve. I can get my Uno to appear in the serial port server box (COM3), but after I select grbl in the dropdown and click it, I get a red exclamation point next to the check box. Can’t get any further than this point.

Hoping for additional help, Chili looks so much better than Easel which I decided to bail on today. Need the ability to send Gcode directly.

@kevin_rodgers Hey man. What I found worked for me is to unplug the usb and shut down the computer. Not just restart but shut down then restart. plug in your usb, then run json then go to chili peppr and try to home your machine if you have limit switches on it. or just try to move your machine using the buttons on the screen. BE CAREGUL to make sure you have your movements set to small amounts. .01 or something like that at first. Do not want to crash the machine like I did. Can you say “stupid” hit the power switch if needed. you may have to restart the computer a couple of times for things to “set”. I pulled out a 9 year old laptop just trying to get it to work. Make sure you are 32 or 64 bit version too. Feel free to let us know what happens. I feel like a huge building has been lifted off my shoulders. Good luck.