I trying to get fit with http://www.123dapp.com/design .

I trying to get fit with Versa Connector (TNDCI DEV) 0.0.1 - Sign On. By now I was not lucky (neither with the browser nor the standalone app). I am searching a TinkerCad-style alternative app for school. Has anybody got good experience with 123D Design?

123D is pretty easy to work with. Its got all the core features of 3d cad software without being overwhelming. Although, I don’t remember being able to emboss/extrude text in 123d design.

For some reason the Web version has text while the desktop version doesn’t But you can make text in the web and import it into the dekstop one. Sadly there is no TinkerCAD alternative.

Try Shapesmith.net- it’s probably the closest out there.

Have you tried 123D Beta9? It’s still available for download, and superior to Design. Actually, it was too good so Autodesk shelved it. There is a learning curve, but it’s pretty powerful. If you want more grunt there’s always inventor fusion.



Granted, these programs are “retired.”

Autodesk have the most confusing product lines I have ever seen in a company. They have so much overlap between products its crazy.

I think they have Attention Deficit Disorder. They work on a tool then drop it, take what they learn and move on to another. Latest is fusion360 beta, a cloud-based program. I’m happy they’re innovating, but wish they would support their orphaned products. I’d be willing to pay for an updated version of 123D B9.

@Matt_Miller No, not yet. I will take a look at it, thanks. For school purposes I am not going to work with paid tools. I think it is important that the kids can continue their projects at @home without costs.

No, they’re all free. :slight_smile:

@Matt_Miller Yes that’s right. :slight_smile: My last sentence was more a comment to your last post. :wink: