I try to learn make pcb with laser engraved.

I try to learn make pcb with laser engraved.

Please detail the process :slight_smile:

I use auto spray paint flat black, export svg file to engrave software.
15% fire power 240 mm speed.

Does it work? Looks awesome :slight_smile: how do you solder on the black paint?

I suppose the laser removes the paint, exposing copper. Then you need to go the acid way to remove the exposed copper, and lastly use acetone to remove the remaining car paint?

Let me guess. You paint black to get better heat absortion and less reflection, then you remove the paint ?

i think he is just masking to use acid later

yes I use paint for protect from acid.

You paint it black. Use the laser to remove the black where you want to be etched, then etch. After etching you can use the acetone to remove the paint. Then you drill the holes if you have through holes. then add components and solder. The laser cannot remove the copper.

Yes correct.