I tried to look around but found no answer,

I tried to look around but found no answer, is there a way to set laser web to do inside cuts first?

Alright thanks.

When designing the Dxf file I have found it goes by what is created first… I recently made a card wallet but it required me to design the parimiter first to off set the stitching holes in cad… found that by selecting the inside cuts then do a cut then paste back in its location followed by cut and paste the perimeter made laserweb cut the inside cuts first… I believe @Yuusuf_Sallahuddin_Y ​ was working on a design path in adobe illustrator… I was using vectric… need to test output from fusion 360 to see if I can recreate the order of operations

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Super noted.

The greedy approach doesn’t pay attention to inside/outside, but you can use layers or colors to set order :slight_smile:

The largest roadblock to wide-spread testing right now is comms.

Yeah, as Alex mentions with Illustrator SVGs I’ve found that objects at the top of the tree (in Illustrator) will cut first in LaserWeb3 & objects at the bottom will cut last. I tend to just create my files, then reorder all the objects based on the order that I wish them to cut. Usually when I am not concerned with speed, I just select all the outer objects & send to bottom (or select all inner objects & send to top). However my recent one that Alex refers to I was attempting to improve my speed for the job (since I was getting paid per piece) so I manually drew myself a path that seemed visually to me to be based on the “inner first & nearest object” methodology. Then I moved all the objects position in the tree hierarchy to cater for which order I wanted them cutting, based on that path.

Yes. Probably need to add gcode save first and remove the performance-killing gcode large text field.