I tried something which is not working...

(Mike Katchmar) #1

I tried something which is not working… I’m driving two LED strips from one data pin. One strip works ok, the 2nd has visual bugs which correct themselves eventually. I found Andrews FAQ from a few yrs ago which says mnot to do this… oops!

I’d like to do it correctly now… I guess that means one data pin per LED strip? Is there a way to clone the output to the second LED array easily I have so many subroutines that I’d rather not individually revisit. Any examples would be greatly appreciated.

(Ken White) #2

@Mike_Katchmar - I think what you want is mirroring strips. I have never done this but it is explained in the FastLED Wiki at:

(Mike Katchmar) #3

I think thats exactly the solution, thanks!! Should be easy to test before sundown!

(Mike Katchmar) #4

Part of my problem was also with a basic full white pattern. Doubling the LED count resulted in a high current draw situation that put my power supply near its limits. I changed from all white to all yellow and life is good. I may go back and change to a lower brightness white later.

(Victor Pacheco) #5

A two bit buffer using a 555 can do it.
You may need to send twice the data.
This also will help you think in a different way.

(Marc MERLIN) #6

To confirm, you can totally put strips in parallel given enough power sent to them, I totally do this for both the 2D panels and the 1D strips on my shirt http://marc.merlins.org/perso/electronics/post_2018-05-29_EDM-Party-Shirt-powered-with-FastLED_NeoMatrix-and-Adafruit_GFX_-plus-160Wh-10Ah-4S-worth-of-lipos.html