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Prusa Research seems to be doing pretty well!


I have a vintage UP! printer that I seldom use, mostly cause it took to much care and feeding to get anything to print well. I do mostly flat work so I elected to put my resources into laser and router CNC’s.

That was then this is now…

I was wondering whats the most popular printer is these days expecting that the big problems (like warping and sticking to the heat plate) are solved?

Anyone have this Prusa i3 I have been watching Prusa for some time. What practical problems still exist with these machines?

I don’t have the Prusa, but I’ve built 3 printers and I think the latest Prusa (MK3?) is quite a reliable workhorse. The design is quite good, and the reviews have been glowing. It costs more than a cheap $200-300 kit from China, but it seems well worth it.

Don as you know, opinions are like a-holes, everyone has one!

The Prusa is a tried and true design. The Creality CR10 is also a contender.

I have found that it comes down to how much you know, software choices and of course budget.

Just my 2 cents.

The Creality series of 3 D Printers particulalrly the Ender 3 and its “Pro” variant seem to be very popular. I have and Ender 3 and the smaller Ender 2 variant.

These machine are gret starter machine and provided you get a good one (yes some quality variations coming out of the factory) they are good jumping on point with a great support ecosystem.

Its also been a lot of fun modding the machine which seems to be a lot of peoples favourite thing to do (Its kind of like our first car)

In retrospect however, the we could have spent more time printing and less time futsing is we dolled out the extra money and purchase a Prusa MK3, that is ironincally the design target everyone is aiming for where you put in way more money and hours attaining the functionality.

My ender 3 now stand high on a shelf and is as dependable as a paper printer. Just send the gcode over using Octo Print a few minutes, hours days later, my object is waiting there for me.

Hope this helps.


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