I think this might even dethrone Japica as the worst 3D printer kickstater of all

I think this might even dethrone Japica as the worst 3D printer kickstater of all time.

They actually call the hotend a “Printing shower nozzle”. You can’t make this stuff up.

Don’t forget the “printing silk” =)

This should be reported for badness.

So so bad. Just cringe all over the place.

“When extruding the cold metal, it will not block the hollow throat of the machine as well as in non-printing condition.”
Do these people even speak English? The whole write-up is like a terrible manual for some Chinese knock-off product.

It is a chinese knock off of a prusa i3

@Carlton_Dodd ​ of course they don’t speak English, if you don’t like the English they are using complain about Google translate or perhaps one of the others, the fact that the translate programs are so poor with Asian languages is not their problem, convert from English to an Asian language one of your friends can speak and see how much they laugh. Of course it is funny to us, but when you don’t know the language it makes it difficult to communicate your ideas. A bit of consideration and understanding goes a long way. If you want a really good laugh convert from English to another language and then back again.
I do not mean to offend with this post, just provide a different perspective.

If you want to do business with any population and be taken seriously, you must learn to communicate in that language effectively (i.e. not just using a machine translation).

The x and y “Axel” I believe this was a paid actor.

@Carlton_Dodd you are right of course.

That still looks more stable than than the Cobblebot. And these people show the machine actually building a part, though from a lot further away than I’d like and the part is mostly obscured, so it’s still a bit of a red flag. That’s still more than many crowdfund campaigns do.

The Japica looked pretty fanciful given the parts they used. I wonder if it could have ever made acceptable parts. The animation could have been stop motion of parts made in some other machine.

Well the video is not the worst I’ve seen but when it comes to the written portion is seems like someone put paragraphs through google translate. Pretty terrible if you ask me.

One to avoid I’d say (as was the Cobblebot, which still looks like a slow-motion train crash to me – time will tell if I’m right).

Nope, couldn’t finish the video. To painful

Ok this is a prusa I3 right?


Dang if I can hardly build a Smartrap for $230. They must really get parts cheap. Or something isn’t right…

Beautiful. Thx @Shachar_Weis