I think this deserves to be shared.

I think this deserves to be shared. Although current web page is in Spanish, assembly video tutorial and pictures are self explanatory. Enjoy!!

Originally shared by Alberto Valero Gomez

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Braq, el dragón DIY

Awesome! Awesome… AWESOME!!
So very awesome! Thank you for sharing!

I have been admiring these for a while now. http://cuartosdolls.diary.ru/p191055293.htm?oam#more1
But this is one I can print myself!

It looks like someone took @Louise_Driggers dragon and jointed frog designs and took the best from both. I wish I’d grabbed some orange filament at the 3DP show now.

Google’s translate app does a fair job of converting the page to English.

I’m so glad to see that the files are available. The last posable dragon model didn’t share the files. I’ll be printing this very soon.

Wow, how detailed!