I think I've already asked this, so apologies if this is a repeat:

(George Allen) #1

I think I’ve already asked this, so apologies if this is a repeat: does anyone use Zbrush to design models for their CNC cuts? I’m trying to figure out the ideal programs for me. I think I will likely either get V-carve Pro or Aspire, but I’m also looking at other modeling software, but likely won’t get it if it’s not very user friendly. If it’s too complex, I can just keep playing with Blender until I get better at that. Zbrush is primarily for artists doing models for 3D printing, but actually, I think, Aspire’s models are technically 3D printing files that are converted to Brep files to be cut.

(Wes Devauld) #2

Aspire and V-Carve have built in post processors, they generate Gcode directly.

I’m a big van of the Ventric products. I’m pretty sure you can get a trial that allows you to do everything but export the Gcode.

(George Allen) #3

Yes. I really want the capacity to do what Aspire offers and honestly, the cost isn’t unreasonable, but I want to make sure that I’ll use it enough to justify the cost.

(John Scherer) #4

Not sure what your designing and cutting but I’ve been using Fusion 360 for everything for several years and wouldn’t go back to anything else, with the exception of Vcarve for laying up and cutting lots of parts from sheets of plywood. A big plus with Fusion 360 is its free for hobbyists

(George Allen) #5

I love Fusion, but I think vcarve would be easier to use to route signage using different materials to cut ornate moldings & do 3D relief work

(Daid Braam) #6

What do you want to make? Depending on what you want to make ZBrush can be the right or wrong tool.

(George Allen) #7

@Daid_Braam mostly 3D style moldings

(Daid Braam) #8

2.5D? Why not use a grayscale image to draw that then?

There is also:
Which is a less expensive (free) and less functional version compared to ZBrush. But maybe enough for what you need.

(Stephane BUISSON) #9

+1 for Sculptris
as example very fast modeling in Sculptris then SketchUp & Meshmixer. (all free software)

(George Allen) #10

@Daid_Braam thanks for the tip. I’ll try that!

(Daid Braam) #11

Also, I like Designspark Mechanical, but that’s more for technical things, not artistic things.