I think I'm having trouble with my Ender3 (I've had it for less than

(Alessandro Bertolucci) #1

I think I’m having trouble with my Ender3 (I’ve had it for less than a week) … Started a large print when I noticed that my wheels are extruding a whiteish gunk… (see pic from below the print bed) are my wheels too tight? Any ideas?

(Griffin Paquette) #2

This is what happens when the wheels are really tight on the rails. If you look in your photo, you will see two eccentric nuts. You can rotate these to tighten or loosen the wheels on the rail. In my experience, I back them off till the bed wobbles, then slowly work them back in till it stops. That’s when I know it has enough clamping to stay solid while not wearing down the wheels.

(Alessandro Bertolucci) #3

Dang. I knew it. Should I stop my print or just let it run until it’s done (18hrs) the di it?

(Griffin Paquette) #4

No don’t stop it. It won’t hurt it to run for some time like that. Just fix it afterwards:-)

(Alessandro Bertolucci) #5

@Griffin_Paquette that’s a relief. I wasn’t in the mood to deal with a disappointed daughter tomorrow. :wink: thanks for the advice.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #6

Mine did the same thing but I didn’t realize it until after it was already happening so I just left it. I figured that the wheels would just wear in and I’m pretty sure they did. The printer still prints great and everything is working fine so I just said screw it. Worst case scenario I have to order some new wheels.

(Griffin Paquette) #7

@Alessandro_Bertolucc no prob! It Creality clamps them down really tight for everyone’s it seems and most people don’t even notice but still print on fine. They will just last longer if you adjust them. Hope the print turned out well!

(Alessandro Bertolucci) #8

Print turned out great (low polygon deer my daughter just HAD to have) - I’ve adjusted the tension, I’ll keep an eye on it. I’m really impressed by this printer. I used to work for a reseller of Dimension 3D Printers back in the day… it’s really incredible how quickly things have changed. This little sub 200$ printer prints PLA better than those older 10k printers.