I think I'm gonna reduce the current to my extruder a bit.

I think I’m gonna reduce the current to my extruder a bit. So the motor no longer melts through the ABS.Maybe that’s a good idea. And active cooling for the motor.
Learning every day.

…that’s a hot ass motor.

Most specs I’ve seen say 80 degrees C is the max operating temp for a stepper motor. I don’t think you can melt ABS with a motor unless you’re giving it way more current than it was designed to use.

Nah, it didn’t really melt, but it did warp. The motor was about 100 C. I guess I was lucky not to burn the motor.

sure your mount is ABS not PLA?

I think you need to adjust the current to your motor. 100 c is screaming hot.

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens It was sold to me as ABS. Maybe I should try what acetone does to it.

@Joe_Spanier Yup, I know.

the main worry is that you may have degraded the magnets in the motor from the heat.

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens I hadn’t thought about that. But you are probably right. Thanks.

I missed your first sentence… Sorry lol