I think I recall recently seeing someone wondering about the cut order & how

I think I recall recently seeing someone wondering about the cut order & how to prevent LaserWeb cutting the inside objects after the outside objects.

So I ran a series of tests this morning with 6 different SVG files to determine which order the layers in my creation software (Adobe Illustrator) are then cut by LaserWeb.

So, from my results on this test, I found that the order of cuts was directly related to the order of the objects in Adobe Illustrator.

For an AI SVG file, the cut order is based off “bottom layer = cut first”, “top layer = cut last”. Anything in between is obviously cut based on it’s position in the layer hierarchy . So 2nd from bottom, will cut 2nd, 3rd from bottom will cut 3rd, etc.

If you want the test SVGs that I used (6x) to test with you can grab them from my OneDrive here:

Thanks for getting us some concrete data to work with.

I imagine people might want to know if Adobe Ilustrator can flip the order or if there is a utility to reverse the order of the itms in an SVG file.

@NathanielStenzel You can manually adjust the layer setup in Adobe Illustrator (press Ctrl+Shift+[ to send it down to the bottom or Ctrl+Shift+] to send it to the top of the order, or alternatively Ctrl+[ for down 1 layer & Ctrl+] for up 1 layer). After running these tests this morning & finding that the Bottom-most layer is what cuts first, I went & adjusted my layers for my tobacco pouch template so that stitch lines & button holes were cut first (by moving them to the bottom of the layers list).