I think I may have inadvertantly set a record!?

(Jarred Baines) #1

I think I may have inadvertantly set a record!?

Do I have the world longest single-piece 3d printed screw here @ 630mm total length?

Printed on #Techne, my custom built 3d printer based on the #Ingentis and #Eustathios printers. This is the 4th print I’ve done on her and took 8 hrs at .3mm layers, .6 nozzle and PLA material at around 50mm/s… Reckon I can go faster when I print the next one!

Screw is part of a “mini” (lol) planetary gear set we are printing other parts for on our large format printer at #3DGroup / #3DIndustries.

Video here: http://youtu.be/190cWV_YmTw

(Gina Häußge) #2

I think you should compare with @Joris_van_Tubergen1 - played around with that one at Fabcon.3D in Erfurt back in May: https://imgur.com/nbaG1Up :wink:

(Sebastian Schmidt) #3

No you not :frowning: I saw this month’s a news about a printer and the print a mens high puppet at once
But nice try >.<
Hope you share more infos/fotos about you’re project

(Jarred Baines) #4

A lot of info about the project will be posted in the #Ingentis builders community, join up for details, build pics and more!

(Michael Scholtz) #5

Feeling some pressure mine only does 540mm high. But I can do 420mm wide i posted the 500mm high club challenge on thingyverse

(Temujin Kuechle) #6

I was passing a head shop the other day and that looks like a part on a bong that is in the window, but much taller. I’d like to see some close up detail of that printed part every 6 inches of height. Quite an accomplishment!

(Jarred Baines) #7

Thanks! Its a LITTLE fuzzy toward the top but still strong and functional, the only wobble I’m sure was due to the part itself being flexible at that length/width ratio…