I think I finally may have figured out my circles not being circular issue...

I think I finally may have figured out my circles not being circular issue… It appears one of the bushings is sloppy as all hell… See the video below (sorry for the quality) and it looks like it is moving back and forth. Has anyone seen this before? The only thing I can think is that I wore it open when using a drill to get the carriage to slide smooth. I am still surprised it’s this loose though. I guess the only fix is to buy a new bushing. Any advice?

Ouch if there’s gap, yes you can order a new one. And yes it has a responsibility on your circles issue.

you can use a shim of paper to temporarily fill in the gap and make sure this is the cause of your bad circles (which I think it is). Most likely your smooth rod or bushing are out of specs for such a large tolerance.

Wow! Do you have photo of what the parts look like when printed with a bushing that loose?

It looks like you are using the 10mm bushings on the 8mm shafts? Are you sure you have the right bushings?

There are two different bushings used on Eustathios. 10mm on the side rods, and 8mm on the cross rods to the carriage.

Yeah I am fairly certain it is the correct bushing, once I pop it out I’ll measure it. The video makes it looks worse than it is. Without the illuminated carriage you can’t see it. I will order another one and see about replacing it. Although with a newborn in the house it is more on the priority list.

Jerry, I posted some parts on here a few months ago, most parts are actually perfect, except for radii and holes. I’ll see if I can slide some paper in to take up the slack and do a test print.

Just to update everyone. The gap is too thin to slide paper in. I tried a few thicknesses but haven’t had any luck. I also noticed the 8mm bearing is still on backorder as many here have already noted.

@Sean_B Looks to be availible here: https://www.ultibots.com/8mm-bronze-bearing-4-pack-a-7z41mpsb08m/

and 10mm here: https://www.ultibots.com/10mm-bronze-bearing-4-pack-a-7z41mpsb10m/