I think 41mn before my matrix loops, will do.

(Marc MERLIN) #1

I think 41mn before my matrix loops, will do. I just added 27 nice 64x64 animated gifs at the end:
41mn may not beat @Mark_Estes table, but it should be enough for people at burning man not to get bored :slight_smile:

@Yves_BAZIN I’m not sure what fun stuff you play on your neopixel TV, but if you are interested in those 64x64 gifs, the ones seen in the video above are here:
https://github.com/marcmerlin/AnimatedGIFs/tree/master/data64/gifs64 and the remaining ones are there: https://github.com/marcmerlin/AnimatedGIFs/tree/master/gifs/gifs64

(Yves BAZIN) #2

@Marc_MERLIN your video contains stuff that seems to infringe copyrights of WMG here in Belgium :wink:

(Yves BAZIN) #3

@Marc_MERLIN I am always interested in having new animations running

(Marc MERLIN) #4

@Yves_BAZIN yeah, it warned me after I posted. I told it to remove the audio clip, but it could take hours until that goes through. Youtube sucks for not playing the video muted in the meantime.

(Marc MERLIN) #5

@Yves_BAZIN you should git clone this then: https://github.com/marcmerlin/AnimatedGIFs/
It even has a config file that supports your lib by default :slight_smile:

(Yves BAZIN) #6

@Marc_MERLIN cool thx

(Yves BAZIN) #7

@Marc_MERLIN yes indeed it was a possibility before to just mute the audio. We will just have to wait

(Marc MERLIN) #8

@Yves_BAZIN let’s try again: http://youtube.com/watch?v=WrSl1rnEOdA
The animated gifs start at 30:44: https://youtu.be/WrSl1rnEOdA?t=30m44s

(Marc MERLIN) #9

@Yves_BAZIN jump to 30:44 for animated gifs https://youtu.be/WrSl1rnEOdA?t=30m44s

(Yves BAZIN) #10

@Marc_MERLIN looks really impressive!!! And crazy fast too !!!

(Marc MERLIN) #11

@Yves_BAZIN yeah, I know a guy, he gave me a fast driver (110fps) :wink: What is slow is some of the big animated gifs because of inefficiencies in the SPIFFFS driver when reading from flash. If I put an sdcard, it would be faster I’m sure.

(Yves BAZIN) #12

@Marc_MERLIN ahah thank you
BTW now I can go up to 21 outputs (PIN 0 is back and added PIN 32 and 33) that is the max PIN3 works PIN1 not really because of serial output but if we did not have serial output you can go 22 outputs

(Marc MERLIN) #13

@Yves_BAZIN very cool. To be fair, given my wiring (16x256), adding new lines isn’t really helpful to my use case, but it would be helpful for matrix configurations that have more than 64 lines.
Now you can add 24 more lines with 6 more outputs and do 88*64
at the same 110fps, or something more crazy like 88x128 (11264 pixels) at 55fps.
That said I won’t be conned into building this by hand, 64x64 was already 4 days of my life I’ll never get back :slight_smile: (not counting the software which of course was several more days).
I also found some “interesting” problems with ESP32, including https://github.com/espressif/arduino-esp32/issues/1781 and some code from sublime demos that just crashes for no reason I can reasonably find, on ESP32: https://github.com/marcmerlin/FastLED_NeoMatrix/blob/master/examples/zNO_GFX/Sublime_Demos/Sublime_Demos.ino#L220
but I don’t have time to look into it anymore (did spend 2h+ on it and can’t find anything wrong, I suspect a compiler bug or something like that), I need to start packing soon :slight_smile:
You’re welcome to have a look if you’re bored :slight_smile:

(Yves BAZIN) #14

@Marc_MERLIN indeed it would be crazy and to the limit of the esp32. :wink:

(Marc Miller) #15

Wow 41 minute video! :slight_smile:
I love the pattern at 13:56. I haven’t seen anything like that one before. Really sweet. I like the wave like effect at 38:12 too.

(Marc MERLIN) #16

@marmil Haha, there was nothing on TV tonight? Glad to have helped :slight_smile: 13:56 is lava from @Jason_Coon 's Aurora / 38:12 is an awesome animated gif I found. It already looks trippy when you’re sober, I can’t quite imagine what it looks like when you’re not :slight_smile:

(Marc Miller) #17

(I’ll be honest and say I did not watch it all, but did skip a few minutes at a time through to the end.)
Hummm, maybe I just haven’t seen Lava on such a large display before. In any case it’s a great one.

This display will be well enjoyed by who ever sees it wherever you take it!

(Reko Meriö) #18

I really just have to wonder how did you ever pull this one off? Have you designed the effects with some program or did you simply just visualize them in your head and then program that? I cant even imagine how a single one of those visualisations could be programmed, but I would love to learn. Nice work!

(Marc MERLIN) #19

@Reko_Merio you can look at the source code. Many of those demos were written by other folks

(Marc MERLIN) #20

@Reko_Merio but to answer your question, the ones I wrote I did visualize first, and then I wrote code to make that vision happen.
Then, for some of them, I tweaked the code a bit to see what would happen if I changed something, and sometimes it ended up better even.