I tell you what, this ender 3 printer sure does a good job.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #1

I tell you what, this ender 3 printer sure does a good job. Look at how smooth this surface is!

(Uday Kumar Adusumilli) #2

Looks very neat. Can you please share your slicer profile. I am currently struggling a bit to get such clean output

(Alex Koukarine) #3

An eye-candy indeed.

(Cameron Spiller) #4

Nice!! Is that straight out or the box?? Or did it take some work to get it printing so well?

(Preston Bannister) #5

Why the blue tape?

(Jeremy Brenner) #6

We bought one and liked the price and quality so much we ordered a second.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #7

@Uday_Kumar_Adusumill sharing my settings likely won’t help much. Every printer is different, even of the same model. You just gotta mess with it for a while. Also, not every printer is even capable of doing it. Just depends on your printer.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #8

@Cameron_Spiller just a combination of tweaking slicer settings. All parts are original. I did print out a couple minor parts but they don’t have anything to do with the printer quality. Just like a cover for the fan and stuff.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #9

@Preston_Bannister helps prints stick better. Normally I print on glass but I was having some issues (probably due to old filament) and the tape helps. Honestly I like using the tape though. It makes the print have the same look all the way around instead of having one shiny surface.

(Kevin Danger Powers) #10

@Jeremy_Brenner if I needed another printer I’d buy another one in a heartbeat. I just can’t justify spending another $200 when I don’t print that much and this one works great.