I switched to Repetier Firmware 0.91.8 for my SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V1 printer.

I switched to Repetier Firmware 0.91.8 for my SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V1 printer. I can not seem to find END_EFFECTOR_HORIZONTAL_OFFSET or CARRIAGE_HORIZONTAL_OFFSET in Configuration.h. In this link, the first image seems to be how the previous firmware configures the delta printers and the second image is the confusing way that the online configuration presents things. I do not know of “Z Length” is supposed to be the height of the triangle formed by the diagonal rod, the bed and the tower or what. Could anyone give me a hand?

It’s really not needed, if you think about it, right ;). Less data, less work for 8bit grinders.

A triangle is AA+BB=C*C. Without the numbers to figure that out, I do not know how you are supposed to get the motion to work. It should at least give a hint of “if your nozzle does not keep the same gap from the bed when keeping the same Z, adjust this number”.

It was kicking my butt, but I just figured something out.
#define DELTA_MAX_RADIUS 150 //Max. horizontal radius //Printer Radius
#define DELTA_RADIUS 209.25 //Horizontal radius when centered //Horizontal radius when centered
Why they chose to call the DELTA_MAX_RADIUS that, I do not know. To me, that sounds like approximately the size of the heated bed minus dead zone.
I will try to punch in the correct numbers tomorrow…now that I have deciphered their misleading crappy explanation of how to get the numbers.

If you go to online configuration everything is drawn, just punch in the numbers and you are all set to go. You will be pleasantly surprised if this is your first time with rwpetier fw :wink:

I went their and did that and the labels vs their fields were confusing. I finally figured it out.