I swear USPS hates me,

(John Driggers) #1

I swear USPS hates me, and it seems to be getting worse?! Anyone else suffering more than usual!? #USPSSUCKS

(Keith Applegarth) #2

Nope… Could just be the local office having issues.

(Eric Walch) #3

Maybe call them and ask about it?

(Abc Def) #4

Lost one of my packages in the mail

(Rien Stouten) #5

Haters gonna hate…

(Abc Def) #6

Actually just got the package today. It was delayed because the box was opened

(JOHN YN) #7

I had same problem - my package left orlando - passed me in a truck and went to ocala for a week .

(Richard Earl) #8

That’s better than Australia Post, bought item from Hong Kong, time from Hong Kong to Sydney (7,367 km) 24 hours, time from Sydney to Adelaide (1,375.2 km) 2 weeks.
Go figure!

(JOHN YN) #9

call em up and complain …