I submitted a pull request to SPJS to add native HTTPS support.

I submitted a pull request to SPJS to add native HTTPS support. TLS/HTTPS support is required when either http://chilipeppr.com is framed in a secure site or an SPJS server needs to be reached from a secure site. My workaround has been to run stunnel in front of SPJS (tolerable on Mac/Linux), but this is a huge challenge for Windows users. Integrating native https support alleviates this problem and allows for SPJS to be the only app required.

Please review and let me know how it can be improved.


it would be relatively easy to add http basic auth on top so that a username/password was required. but that would break all existing clients.

Username and password authentication are in version 1.91 for the shell access

oh, nice

are there nightly or other bleeding edge builds that get produced? I’m trying unsuccessfully to produce a Win64 cross-build on my Mac dev machine.

I have to manually build off the cloud9 workspace for spjs. I do have Travis setup, but I don’t have any configuration figured out for auto-publishing off of Travis because it’s not easy. So no, there are not any nightly builds. However, you could bring in your fork of spjs to cloud9 and then run the build script in the repo and you’ll see it beautifully builds all platforms except Mac because you can’t cross-compile Mac from Linux. That’s why none of the recent releases in github have Mac in it, because I don’t have a Mac and Apple doesn’t let anyone run VM’s in any easy way.

@jlauer I have Mac’s so just let me know what you want build …

@jlauer thanks. was able to build on a linux box I have: