I started to build my own RepRapPro Mendel printer.

I started to build my own RepRapPro Mendel printer. Not so easy as I had dream it.

Originally shared by Bruno Pettorelli

Une photo de l’avancement du montage de l’imprimante 3D

Huh? What’s so hard about framing? If you can put together an ikea table, you can put together a reprap. =P

@ThantiK You are a bit optimistic … I made a reprap myself (with almost 0 mecha/DIY knowledge) and it was a pain in the ass. And the software part was worse.

not so much the “easy vs difficult” part as in more man hours total than you would expect. It’s certainly fun to fuss over getting the measurements right, aligning everything and then you look up at the clock and have a kind of casino time-distort moment.

In fact, it’s really fun. But I’m more facing the not so easy to translate from english :wink:

Maybe this will help?

You can get help on a similar project at http://tvrrug.org.uk

@Russ_R thanks for the link

I agree with @ThantiK . A RepRap really is the Ikea shelf of DIY 3D printers. I built one (at a pretty lazy pace) over the course of several months and many trips back and forth to Home Depot. Overall, the hardest parts were sourcing some of the smaller fastener guages (you’d be shocked how rare M3 cap screws can be a some Home Depots!) and the measuring and framing (in other words, if you can use a ruler you are 90% guaranteed to get it right). One small bit of advice is to invest in a pair of digital calipers. Trust me

belle réalisation

… and a lot of challenges, such as Huxley 3d printer is mine, good luck.