I started a print this morning and I found this when coming back from

I started a print this morning and I found this when coming back from work: halted reset or m999

Something I can do ? Gcode or smoothie related?

Did you enable limit switches ? Are your thermistors well connected ?

Printing from PC or PI via octoprint. I had an issue (long time ago) where I had to increase the serial delay in octoprint to avoid issues causing a hault if there were lots of fine segments were sent from a fine mesh STL sliced with simplify 3D.

Limit switches are disabled. Thermistors seem fine, the only thing I see is the molex connector on the carriage.
The printhead halted near the middle of the print surface.
I will run the gcode again without filament and see if it happens again.
edit: printed from sd card on the viki2. It was a batch of eusathios parts for a member: Z-supports

If there is a bad thermistor connection and the firmware parks the head away it is not uncommon to see a good thermistor measurement just after the failure as it might be carriage position dependent.

I ran my break-in gcode, it’s that, bad hot-end thermistor connexion on the molex.
It happens not every time but got it on 4/6 run.
I will start searching for something else.
Thanks everyone for the inputs ;)@Ashley_Webster for what did you switch ?

Ah the good old screws :smiley:

It’s always a good idea to provide service loops for any connectors and fix the wires surrounding the connection to something, so the actual connector doesn’t strain at all from the carriage motion. Hope that helps