I stared at this for a long time before I decided I do not

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #1

I stared at this for a long time before I decided I do not need another laser project. Pretty cheap pretty small.


(0.45 NACL) #2

Looks like they’re repurposing old DVD parts

(Ray Kholodovsky) #3

The running joke is that someone found a warehouse of obsolete cd drives, and here we are.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #4

Doesn’t a 500mw diode, supply, driver and controller cost more than $84?

(Ray Kholodovsky) #5

Not if you cut 5 corners out of a possible 4.

(James Rivera) #6

I actually bought one of these before I bought my K40. Mine is a 500mw blue laser (445nm) and it looked like mine was actually repurposed FLOPPY drive mechanical parts along with an Arduino Nano. I think the laser itself is probably a from blu-ray writer. The engraving area is so small it can hold a business card, but probably not a playing card (e.g. 5 of clubs). EDIT: I’m probably wrong; it probably is from CD or DVD drives.

Aside: After I bought it I read up on the safety issues. Holy st! This little sucker can blind you in a few milliseconds (you might think you’re ok, but then 48 hours later you’d be permanently blind). Don’t fk around with lasers without proper eye protection!!

(James Rivera) #7

All that being said, I’ve been meaning to take it out of its box again and see if it will engrave on the tiny anodized aluminum dog tags I bought a while back.

(Tim Gray) #8

@HalfNormal they are.

(Jonathan Davis (Leo Lion)) #9

I got screwed by them when I bought my Eleks Maker A3 and I bought the higher priced version.

(Don Kleinschnitz Jr.) #10

@James_Rivera I had planned on putting on a cover and interlock. I wonder how many folks are blinded by these things…:frowning:

(James Rivera) #11

@donkjr I was so scared of it when I got it that I kept it in its box while using it and only viewed its progress with an old webcam!

(Ray Kholodovsky) #12

Should have used a steel box :slight_smile:

(Kirk Yarina) #13

Be careful dealing with GearBest, their warranty is worthless even for DOAs. I purchased a slightly more upscale engraver that arrived with a partially soldered microUSB connector, after considerable back and forth was offered a refund if I returned it. Shipping was more than I paid. No way to buy a replacement controller on my model. Best they would do was $20 store credit on a $100+ device. They said free shipping on returns, refused to honor it