I spend 3hrs one day and another 2 fixing a Stratasys UPrint se.

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I spend 3hrs one day and another 2 fixing a @Stratasys UPrint se. it had a bad head jam and we had to heat the cover until we could get most of the plastic out and remove it. Luckily it now works.

(Xiaojun Liu) #2

Looks like a switch mechanism for two filaments with one feeder wheel. It seems Two side-blocks have filament paths.Are they act as two heat-blocks? And there should be two nozzles underneath?

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(Justin Nesselrotte) #4

@Xiaojun_Liu correct. The se uses a bar in the back to switch which filament is actively being driven.

(Jo Miller) #5

they should have used an Ender 3

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@Jo_Miller1 why

(Ryan Carlyle) #7

@Chevrolet_Diesel_Nat Jo is just trolling. Ender3 doesn’t do heated chamber soluble support ABS prints. Also came out like… 5 years later.

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@Ryan_Carlyle ok that’s what I thought. Sorry I am very knowledgeable of other printers besides ones I’ve researched about or ones I’ve worked with