I seem to be having a little problem.

I seem to be having a little problem. I’m using a pen plotter I made, three steppers. XYZ Cartesian design belts for X and Y screw for Z I did get the json server up and running and I seem to have a connection but it says I am offline? The machine does respond to commands on the universal gcode sender though so I know it is capable of movement. Any ideas on how to get it “online”?

It looks like your serial port is connected, so that’s good, but you have 56 commands in your queue which means your Grbl device isn’t processing any of them. Are you sure you’re really connected to the serial port? Meaning, many times folks leave their port locked by leaving UGS connected and thus ChiliPeppr/SPJS can’t connect. Did you reset your Grbl device and try to connect? You seem close.

I’ll try again, those commands might be from the universal gcode sender which I was using just before ChiliPeppr. Can’t come this far and get stuck here!

Maybe my anti virus or firewall has the port locked or restricted. I’ll try without them.

The fact that you’re connected to SPJS as I see in your screenshot means no anti virus or firewall is in the way. You truly are close. For some reason when you open the port, you get nothing processed. That usually indicates the OK response isn’t coming back from Grbl. That could mean the firmware version you’re using changed such that it doesn’t send back OK responses. What Grbl firmware are you using?

grbl_v0_9a_edge_328p_16mhz_9600_build20121210.hex Is the name of the file I put on the board with X-loader.

If you turn off the filter (funnel) icon in serial port console in CP, do you see the OK’s coming back from your device?

I’ll see if I can hook it up later, kinda stuck in the middle of Xmas now but I do appreciate the help troubleshooting.