I see the Prusa nozzle is shipping.

I see the Prusa nozzle is shipping. Really keen to see how this stands up against the E3D and Trinity Labs offerings before I make a choice…

It’s already shipping. http://reprapdiscount.com/

A friend of mine has 2 already. I haven’t got to test them personally.

Ah yes - true, they are shipping, forgot it was 23rd May already :). As we discussed before (I think) lack of removable nozzle makes it a harder call on what to buy… I really want something that lets me go down to 0.2mm.

Josef stated he was still doing improvements on them too. The next upgrade will be a polished nozzle.
I want one for my next printer.

I’d expect the PrusaNozzle to be a fairly imprecise hotend - @ThantiK does your friend have some experiences he’d like to share with us?

Imprecise how? and why?

The shaft & nozzle are one piece true but from the design and from some one who has one it is extremely easy to remove/change.

@Thomas_Sanladerer what makes you think it would be imprecise?

@Nope_Nope , So, are you happy with it? Are you seeing any improvements on your previous nozzle? Aside from higher melting temp material capability of course.

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens and @Nope_Nope i’ve done some experiments with all-metal hotends and machined a couple different designs - some close to the PrusaNozzle, and some some closely related to the e3d one.
Hotends without a clearly defined hot zone, a short transition zone and a low-temperature (actively-cooled) cold zone have shown much more predictable and precise performance than those where the heater’s heat can creep up the stainless steel part freely.
Have a look at my post from a couple days ago, i attached some drawings to that one.

Heat cant creep up, the thermal conductivity is similar to peek insulators due to extremely thin wall. Nozzle is already polished, without it, it doesn’t work. Change is really 2 minutes. They come fully preassembled, with alu mounting plate and free fan :slight_smile:

Lets make it more fun here, I offer nozzle for €40 to first two guys who say they want one here. It includes next day shipping in EU :wink:

Good luck with 0.2 tho :-/ I once tried 0.15mm with 1.75filament, and it worked for 40minutes, then jammed forever. If you want to get those kind of resolutions, use SLA or DLP printers :slight_smile:

You’ve got yourself a deal there @Josef_Prusa . As long as you can ship to New Zealand that is :slight_smile: Happy to pay for shipping btw.

@Josef_Prusa You really think there’s no future in 0.2? @Jerrill_Johnson seems to be having some success there…

@Josef_Prusa how thin exactly? I looked at the drawing on http://prusanozzle.org, but that one contains barely any details at all.

Theres drawing in Prusa3-vanilla repo

You mean the .scad source? That would indicate a 0.65mm wall thickness, which is more than my current experimental one and most other metal hotends have.

No its roughly 0.3mm

This is how they look inside https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/8967423/nozzle.jpg :slight_smile:

I want one

@Josef_Prusa the nozzle tip is polished? Inside and out?

Inside is polished :slight_smile: when I tried outside polishing it was looking lame and didnt add any benefits :slight_smile: