I see lots of people just printing things, not designing.

I see lots of people just printing things, not designing. Like “i wait until the thing is on thingiverse”. At least this is what I see behind my PC or Smartphone…

What do you do!?

I do a fair bit of designing, I just don’t post many of the things I design anywhere because they’re probably not useful for anyone else.

The things I do make that are useful, or interesting, or in some other way worth sharing, end up in Thingiverse… eventually.

It’s hard for me to imagine anyone with a 3D printer that hasn’t at least attempted to design (or at least modify) something.

Especially with tools out there like TinkerCAD, that even children can use.

A few designs so far, supports for a laser engraver/cutter, trailer hitch camera bracket, Phantom DJI no-servo release system.
Not many dust-collectors (knick-knacks, tchotchkes)

Printing/Modifying/Designing, most of my printers have had custom made parts I’ve never uploaded because it always seems like something only I need. lol

Hah, i actually work the other way 'round :smiley:
Oh, i’ll never find this part exactly how i want it on Thingiverse, i’ll just quickly draw it up!

I do well on 2D design like using Photoshop or Gimp, Butttt when it comes to 3D designs I’m lost in the forest somewhere in the middle of nowhere looking up at the stars and thinking to myself, “What the hell am I doing here” ,lol

I spent my first month printing and calibrating mostly now im designing my own and modding other for my needs. I originally wanted a 3d printer because “cool” things i had seen printed but now im Much more fascinated with engineering my own models.

I don’t care about designs for printing. I care about mechanical and electrical engineering side of things. 3D printing is just a cool excuse.

As well as designing many, many things that my wife needs for her arts and craft hobbies, I love to visit sites like Youmagine etc. just to get inspired by what others have done.

Just from a visual inspection of other posted works, I can start to design something similar for myself, only customised to my own needs.

Like @Mark_Rehorst , I find it’s really weird when people post designs that they have never actually printed. How do they even know that it’s suitable for the real-world purpose they intended?

I usually need to print many prototypes before I am happy that the final design actually works in the real world, and thus is good enough to show someone else.

Nice poll so far and nice response. Thanks guys. There are more people designing than I thought :wink:

@Mark_Rehorst yeah i know that problem too. Often when doing adapters with special shapes or when measuring is hard.

@Mark_Rehorst yeah i thought that. Here in germany (which i think is where you come from too?) there are no people i know of who have G+ ^^

Oh ok :wink:

I was considering something similar to your description. The downloader type (causal user, general consumer) might not be aware of this communitry and/or might be afraid of delving into the design world.