I said i wouldn't,

I said i wouldn’t, but i went and built one of them fidget spinner things.
The bearing inside it is 100mmx55mmx21mm
It was new old stock and had a few rust spot on it, but it still works.

That looks like the worlds largest fidget spinner.

Not sure kids will get away with spinning that one in class… :slight_smile:

Damn world’s largest

Well executed but one of the most pointless devices I’ve ever witnessed in my lifetime.

@Ray_Witczak true. But not pointless. If for no other reason, it was used to prove some concept and the tolerance i can achieve. The bearing is alight press fit into the pieces, and thru fit together with no visible gap. Straight out of the printer, with no work on them after

Nice bro



What’s that sir

Bit big ayh

@King_Jordan read description

@DAVID_THOMPSON maybe, but i always go big or go home my motto


Ok cool


thanck you