I regret that I am a complete newb when it comes to CNC hardware

I regret that I am a complete newb when it comes to CNC hardware AND software but I’m having a very difficult time getting my new tinyg to talk to ChiliPeppr :(. I watched John’s hangout video… did everything as described and still no love. I can get things to work using Coolterm so I think the hardware is fine but for some reason the connection with my mac is a no go… do I need to find an old windows machine or can anyone steer me to the correct path on the mac?

Can you describe deeper the problem? Or perhaps do some screenshots and/or even do a video?

sure! I’m on OSX 10.9 using chrome - - I can get a serial port but I’m not really connected… when I jog the z axis (only one connected right now) nothing–
here is the link to the vid.

Ok, this is an easy one. You didn’t pick 115,200 as your baud rate. Uncheck to close the serial port you opened. Change your baud to TinyG’s default of 115,200 and then re-click the port name to reconnect. You should be good to go.

yup 2400 baud is for old school modems not @Synthetos #tinyg :slight_smile: You do not look like a noob you have everything up and running and ONE little setting tossed you off the path. You got this!

omg that woiked! I should have asked hours earlier! Thanks so much for the help and support!.. I have lots to learn yet so I’m sure more questions will be around the corner!

Well, based on your issue a change was just published that sets the defaults for both of those pulldowns to the most likely settings of “tinyg” and “115,200” so you helped make the app better.