I recently switched to Marlin 2.0

(Eric Lien) #1

Over the last two weeks I have been playing with Marlin 2.0. I bought an SKR V1.3 board for $20, some TMC5160 drivers for $65, and a RRD Full Graphics Display for $11. After learning platformio to complile Marlin 2.0, and working through a few bugs (had to disable Linear Advance), I am liking the setup. The drivers are almost silent when in Stealthchop2, but I run hybrid mode so it goes to spreadcycle above 100mm/s to avoid skipping steps. I might pickup a BLTouch and design a new carriage just for fun to enable ABL.

(Eric Lien) #2

I also forgot to mention, the new control board runs off of an LPC1768 (similar to some of the smoothie boards), so it’s a 32-bit controller that uses the new Marlin 2.0 HAL (hardware obstruction layer) setup.

-Edit: Hardware Abstraction Layer :slight_smile:

(Michael K Johnson) #3

“hardware obstruction layer” — love it! :slight_smile:

(Eric Lien) #4

ha, dang phone autocorrect :slight_smile: