I recently started printing a lot with ABS.

(Tim Spracher) #1

I recently started printing a lot with ABS. My bed temp is 110C and I have burnt 3 connectors. I am using 14 gauge wire. I have tried tightening all connections prior to starting the print and the prints usually runs about 10hrs. My unit sits in a closed container which runs about 103deg during printing.

How or can I hook up and external Mosfet to this board. I am currently using P2.5 for the Heated Bed and P2.7 for the Hot head.


Should I hook the heated bed to P1.23 with a separate power supply.

My Hot head shows no signs of ware and it is set at 215C

any thoughts


(Jonathon Thrumble) #2

Same connectors the heated bed uses now, just run the power directly to the mosfet.

(Arthur Wolf) #3

You shouldn’t be burning connectors, there’s a problem to solve there first. What is the current rating of the bed ? What do you have connected to each/all of the mosfet, and what is the current rating for each ( don’t omit any ) ?

Also what runs at 103degs ? Are you saying the Smoothieboard is in a 103deg environment ? If so, that’s your problem, if not what temp does the Smoothieboard run in ?

(Marko Novak) #4

You left one crucial thing out… What voltage are you running?
Running it on 12v with >120w bed is begging for problems in hot environment…

There’s same issue with geeetech g2/s delta printer… And can be traced true gt2560 board revisions. Instead of paring it with 24v supply.

(Jeff DeMaagd) #5

Enclosure is 103 degrees F or C? Either way I hope your electronics aren’t in that.