I recently picked up a Printrbot  Jr as a second (or really third) machine

I recently picked up a @Printrbot Jr as a second (or really third) machine to run in the studio mostly because I think its an ugly-cute machine and believed that it can be quite a capable little printer. Here’s the third print with an initial writeup/review if you’re interested. I’d like to hear what you think.

Thanks for the write up. I’m pretty new to the 3D Printing scene and picked up a Printrbot LC kit. I’m (VERY) slowly putting it together. Partly because I’m dumb, partly because I’m slow, partly because I’m anal, but mostly because, I’m totally enjoying putting it together! :slight_smile:

Good to hear that it can print out some decent stuff with some fine tuning. Still have a lot to learn about all the parts that make up the printer, and honestly have no clue how your upgrades make it better :slight_smile: I’m sure one day, I’ll look back at your post and have one of those head smacking moments of clarity!

Thanks again for the awesome write up. You’ve made me even more excited about my little side project. :slight_smile:

@Joe_Duong that’s the way to do it!! You learn quite a bit that way vs buying a pre-made one. You start understanding why and how things were done, rather than just going ¯(°_o)/¯ when something goes wrong.

@Brian_Evans nice write-up. It’s sad to hear that you had a bad experience out of the box. @Brook_Drumm1 is pretty active on here, I’d love to hear his rebuttal. They just moved hq so perhaps things will get more organized.

@ThantiK That’s exactly my theory! Plus, I’ve always liked building stuff. :slight_smile:

@Joe_Duong Make sure to stop on by http://printrbottalk.com to say hi or if you run into any problems

@Stephanie_A he is more active on FB & Twitter i think, which is sad because imho the community here rocks.

@Stephanie_A To be sure I really do like the printer and think it’s rather impressive overall… Im a little on the fence about it being “your first 3d printer” but as @ThantiK mentions theres a virtue in building a kit and the Jr strikes a balance in that it’s just not as hard to build as most repraps. As much as I like the printer, I’m not going to hold any punches either.

@Brian_Evans , great write-up, and I agree about the assembly videos/instructions not aligning with each other, and I also ran into missing screws quite a bit. Very frustrating. I’m very interested in how you made room for the different z- and x-axis motors. I especially feel that the x-axis is underpowered. I’ve already upgraded my z-axis rod to an ACME rod, not sure yet how much (if any) of a difference it will make, and I have GT2 pulleys and belts on order which should be here this week. I really like your print bed modification, any way you could fabricate another one that you’d be willing to sell? Also curious as to what (if any) electronics modifications you made.

Thanks for the write-up, I hope to hear more about those mods!

Ah btw #ultimaker Assembly Installation isn’t that much better - will make sure that #makibox one is

@Mike_DiMare Cool. Will do!

Thanks for the writeup. I just ordered the Jr. to build with my son.

We’ll definitely make sure we have all the right screws and make the trips to the hardware store before we get started.

I’m looking forward to read how you upgraded your Jr. along with any tips and tricks!

@Daniel_Ho That should be a fantastic project with your kid… I built a Cupcake with my then 14 year old daughter. I wish you all the best and will get the upgrades posted soon.