I recently made a blog post on my website that read:

(André Roy) #1

I recently made a blog post on my website that read:

"I need to buy supplies to continue development: balsa sheeting, HIPS filament, ABS filament, Limonene. This work is a time sink, and also a small financial drain. That’s why I’ve been using Open Source development models; to try and get support in the form of contributed development hours.

Some people can’t contribute that way but would otherwise contribute dollars instead of hours. This would help to subsidise a developer’s expenses. If there’s enough interest in a project, it could even accelerate the growth and development of a particular project. Money could be used to provide development bounties to others. I’ll be trying a few things to try and generate financial support for hardware development. Hopefully enthusiasts will be supportive."

I shortly received an email from a follower on RCGroups. He wanted to help out and got me a few rolls of HIPS! I needed this in order make my first axial compressor print. I’ve been fine tuning my multi-material Slic3r settings in preparation. Fighting against oozing…

(André Roy) #2

I think I just figured out what retract settings to use on tool change for my Go Large (and this particular print). Getting no blobs so far. Will post results. Looking forward to trying out HIPS support for axial compressor prototyping.