I recently designed an articulated air blower arm for a friend's entry-level scroll saw.

I recently designed an articulated air blower arm for a friend’s entry-level scroll saw. It uses the ball and socket joints from “PCB Workstation with Articulated Arms” by Giuseppe Finizia, with a base plate and end effector I made in OpenSCAD.

The project is also up on GitHub, which might make it a bit easier for people who want to modify the source.


I’m not sure blowing air is a reasonable or safe thing to do.
It’s an eye-hazard, explosion hazard, air quality issue and makes your entire workshop dusty including having slippery dust on the floor while you are working with dangerous power tools.
Why not have a vacuum cleaner attachment instead?

Perhaps you overestimate the size of the tool, or perhaps the amount of air it pushes out.

The blade of a scroll saw is only about as big as a piece of thread, the blower is there to keep the immediate area around the blade clear so the operator can see it while cutting. Scroll saws are used for small delicate cuts, so seeing the blade as it moves is critical. A lot of the time you’ll be cutting along a paper pattern, in fact.

The blower is pushing probably less air than a person could do with just a straw in their mouth. It clears the saw dust from the blade to a radius of about 1 inch.

There is a vacuum system under the bed as well, but that doesn’t get the sawdust on top of the work piece. That gets the bulk of the saw dust that would otherwise be on the floor.

looks great man, wish i had your skills

if you happen to make another version for any reason later on i would consider piping the hose through the center of the arm

I don’t think it’s possible to retrofit anything “through the center of the arm”. THis is an existing machine and the arm is just as large as it needs to be for the blade to move up and down…

i meant through the black adjustable arm he made, but i really like the setup as is

I see. Yes, that’s how my earosol cooling for milling Aluminium works.

@Pipe_Dreams Yeah, that was one of the first ideas I had, but just to get it done quickly I did it this way.

Running the air line through the middle would be very nice, perhaps for version 2…