I recently bought a BuddaschNozzle 2.0.

I recently bought a BuddaschNozzle 2.0. The nozzle is leaking (over the heating block), so I wrote to LulzBot. They redirected me to their web page in which it says that 30 days beyond the purchase I have no right to make any claim… o shit, the item took more than 30 days to arrive… so I guess that’s quite a fake guarantee!!

And then, even if it arrived the very same day, I guess it is not so strange that building a new printer, collecting all materials, etc. takes more than 30 days and you do not have the time to test the nozzle.

The BuddaschNozzle is a great nozzle. @Claudio_Donndelinger (Lulzbot’s) customers service is not at the level of the product they sell

I know I am not a great customer, but I give workshops here in Spain, so I have already bought around 20 hot-ends from them, because they are really good. This is the first it fails… but surely it will be the last. I need to ensure people attending to the workshops that if any item is not working it will be replaced

They just told me that the 30 days period start when the nozzle arrives… so I just have to send it back to the USA (I pay), they will examine it, and if it is not working they will send me a new one it took one month to arrive the first time (shit, I have to pay border customs again)… mmm… maybe a J-Head, All-Metal, PrusaNozzle… can make the job, for sure it will be cheaper than using the refund policy and will arrive sooner!

Yeah, the idea and spirit of 3D printing is more localized manufacturing, therefore it is ironic we still need to buy parts from all over the world just to build one…

@Sanjay_Mortimer makes an even better hot end and takes better care of customers.

the problem is that any item travelling must be declared by its price, not by that I have paid. Even when it is a present I must declare its price… Otherwise, a friend could buy in the USA and then send it to Spain … unfortunately it does not work (unless it comes from China :P)

@Alberto_Valero_Gomez For what it’s worth, they are working on a solution per the forum thread here: http://forum.lulzbot.com/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=87 I haven’t had this issue (yet) on my TAZ, but a friend got a TAZ the same day and noticed the issue pretty quickly. This doesn’t happen with ABS, only PLA, so printing with ABS only seems to be the best option at the moment.

Thanks @Adam_Byram , in fact this is happening with PLA

For most countries if they declare it as a defective part replacement then you don’t pay customs again.

In any case @Ben_Norris , I bought a properly working nozzle. I do not want to worry about all this stuff. I just want a nozzle as soon as possible working and without paying any extra

They probably don’t want to waste money replacing defective nozzles either but faults happen and at least they are replacing it. A lot of foreign suppliers simply ignore you when there is a problem.

@Alberto_Valero_Gomez – check carefully. There are exceptions to paying duty when items are sent for repairs. You probably will need to file some paperwork – the specifics do differ for each country (or by the common EC laws). You will also want to make sure in the paperwork that accompanies your product that you declare the item as being returned for repair.

A leak is easy to fix. Just print a few meter of ABS. Or put some teflon tape in between. (First version Ultimaker hotends leaked like this quite often)

I had the same thing happen with my (quite old) 1.0 Budaschnozzle after a rebuild. Seems that if it’s not torqued down really right, you’ll get some leakage. I fixed it by tearing down the whole thing, cleaning out all the threads, and applying some teflon tape to that joint. Hasn’t leaked since. Quick and easy fix, really.

Tape will fix this problem and also help with changing the nozzle out.

@Alberto_Valero_Gomez Where do you give workshops? I just got my printer a couple of months ago and knowing “locals” with the same interest might be helpful :slight_smile:


@Alberto_Valero_Gomez Yes I knew that hehe :wink: But where? I live in Madrid myself.

LulBot (@Claudio_Capobianco and @Jeff_Moe ) kindly refunded the nozzle. I have another one for myself, so I will use tape for fixing it. The point is that these were part of a workshop and a person complained. I am sorry things arrive to such “discussions”. I hope LulzBot can fix this for next versions.

@Tako_Schotanus , ah ok! your name was not a clue :). There is a really big 3d printer and makers community in Spain. This workshop has been in Zaragoza, but I have also given workshops in Madrid… check out this page http://www.reprap.org/wiki/Proyecto_Clone_Wars It is the wiki of the Spanish Community. Then there are local communities. I myself collaborate now with @Arduteka (http://arduteka.com)

Alberto, I’m sure that you mean Claudio Donndelinger and not me!