I put together a collection of metal drivetrain parts for the Truggy.

I put together a collection of metal drivetrain parts for the Truggy. It’s all available on Ebay from a single seller. About 76$ plus shipping. WARNING: I haven’t tried any of these parts yet but they are all based on the part numbers in the “readme” file.

I ordered it :slight_smile: Hopefully they will fit but seems to be correct - otherwise: modify a little bit the Car

Thanks for the list

@Daniel_Egger Did the seller combine shipping? Just curious, all those 2$ shipping charges add up, lol.

No just 3$ for all - but I ordered a few more things!

Will these work with the regular Truggy model? I have started printing it but would like to use a metal drivetrain like this instead.

I hope it will work :smiley: I will let you know

Thanks for this list. I am trying to put together this setup. Did this work ?

I get the parts today but there a couple of changes necessary - and you will need different bearing when the changes should be small!

@Daniel_Egger This sounds great. Can you please post your findings and list the likely modifications. I am about 70% through my print and once I have stripped my 3D printed drive train I will be looking for a metal replacement.

@Daniel_Egger Any Progress? I am itching to order metal drivetrain and print any modified parts… :slight_smile:

@Greg_Williams Thanks again for this. I have ordered all the parts. The central diff casing on thingiverse, as suggested in your ebay list, isn’t there. Is this it? http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:815023 If not, can you repost it.
Cheers, Morgan

@Greg_Williams @Daniel_Egger I have received my outer driveshaft CVD to realise that it has a D shaft and not a hole. I have crossed checked the HSP 188015 you suggested and it is infact a D shaft. Is this the case with yours? If so, will you reorder, drill, or make/buy “D Hex nuts”?

All parts do not really fit the 3D model - I will not reorder something but I need to change couple of things on the car and other parts what I have at home.

So the parts are good to have but you need to rebuild a few things
Currently I had no time to do this - we should keep in touch what you / I change.

Thanks @Daniel_Egger for the update. I will also keep you posted on my progress and share any files if I modify them, or post any links to new parts if I re-order.

One to note is that this central diff requires 1M pinion. Read more on my post on the motor I chose… https://plus.google.com/+MorganBarke/posts/N3sh71ZGUrW

About to pull the trigger and start ordering parts. Did you guys buyall of these parts and what changes need to be made to the model?

I am happy to make the changes on my Fusion 360 model and share it out if I know what they need to be :slight_smile:

I have still not had chance to finish my truggy. Please keep us up to date on your progress.

Got my parts and printed @Greg_Williams updated gear box…all went together so far really well. Greg, can I get the solid model of your parts to incorporate into my final Fusion 360 design?