I put some of the wet Taulman 316 Nylon in the oven @ ~150/200

I put some of the wet Taulman 316 Nylon in the oven @ ~150/200 F (warm) for about an hour, let it cool slowly, then printed. Layers are much cleaner, looks like a well tuned ABS print - unlike the first attempt (see earlier pictures.) Also had heated bed glass top w/ hairspray at room temperature instead of 130 C (sorry for mixing units), same peel up on corners at about the same point in the print - heat made no difference.

Ordered Garolite (got green, 1/16" thick 12"x12" for ~$8 each.) I’ll hold off another attempt until it arrives. Also planning on ordering polycarbonate. I think my first print will be a bearing to go with 4.5mm SS balls for submerged saltwater use. I’m interested to see how much a print swells compared to other nylon components.

I may also place some pieces in a high pressure chamber at work to see what would happen 3000 meter depth. Might be humorous if nothing else.

Very very interested in the high pressure chamber stuff as well as the saltwater use. Keep us posted!