I put some new 0.15 mm nozzles in the store for you Printrbot owners

I put some new 0.15 mm nozzles in the store for you Printrbot owners out there.

Also, I successfully made a 0.10 mm Printrbot nozzle last night to experiment with this week. Any ideas of some cool prints to try?


Exactly how accurate are these nozzles anyways? Do you have a quality set of pin gauges that you’re using to ensure the outcome of the drill is exactly 0.1mm

No, I unfortunately can’t verify the drill diameter beyond looking at the free air extrusion diameter. For example, with the first 0.10 mm nozzle I just measured the extruded filament at 0.16 mm. I know the extruded filament comes out a little larger than the hole diameter anyway, but I’m not sure by how much at these sizes. And the holes wear and the free air extrusion number creeps up over time. My tools and QC will improve depending on the popularity of the nozzles though. It’s still pretty amazing the prints that can be achieved though and if anyone wants to argue over a few hundredths of a millimeter, then my shop is not where they should be shopping. When watchmakers move into the 3D printer business watch out! :slight_smile:

How do you even make a 0.1 mm hole??

Really tiny drill bits!

AWESOME! Any chance you are willing to fabricate them with M6 thread for us metric people? Then it would fit on my V1 hotend Ultimaker. (The V2 hotend requires external threads)

@Daid_Braam I just put up some M6 threaded adapters for Makerbot at https://plus.google.com/u/0/109651299134991445959/posts/L7pdrZ5fnEz . Is the Ultimater a male or female M6 nozzle?

Ultimakers older then a year and a half have female M6. But you can ignore those. The new machines come with M6 male nozzles like this: https://shop.ultimaker.com/en/parts-and-upgrades/nozzle-v2.html

The MakerBot adapter might work for us.

@Daid_Braam It’ll definitely fit, but what is the bore diameter on the end you can’t see in the picture? The Makerbot nozzle adapters I’m making have a 2.38 mm (3/32") bore.